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Recall Campaign Management

Recall Campaign Management

Standard Recall Process
Auto.Live Recall Process

Standard Recall Process

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Most times, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will initiate a recall campaign. Once the decision is made to create a campaign the OEM will contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and mail notices to all affected customers.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The NHTSA will monitor the recall to make sure the OEM coordinates a safe, free and effective solution. They work to ensure the OEM follows the Safety Act and Federal regulations.

Affected Vehicle Owners

Affected vehicle owners receive a letter in the mail concerning their recall. Many times they assume your dealership is stocked and ready to handle all vehicle recalls. Your customer becomes stressed when they find out they cannot get their issues fixed until parts arrive.

Dealership Service Department

Your service department waits for affected customers to call or walk in. If a part is needed you will have to schedule an appointment a few weeks out while your dealership acquires the required parts. This stresses your customers who do not understand the recall process.

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