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Auto.Live Service & Parts Software

An end-to-end (appointment to payment) workflow management platform for franchise automotive service and parts departments and their customers. Improving communication during and in between services.
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CDK Sync

Auto.live has full read and write access for you appointments, when they are created on Auto.Live they will push to CDK.

Full Fortellis Integration

Auto.live can print a CDK RO through its platform and can automatically add the labor lines and pre-assign the parts to a CDK RO once approved.

CDK Parts Integration

Auto.Live has CDK parts integration so estimates only get built through Auto.Live. Parts availability, in stock, on hand, SOR's are available through Auto.Live

Appointment Scheduling

A scheduler for your website, a scheduler in your customer's profile and a spot to set appointments for call-ins.

SOP Automation

Auto.Live service solution is the first service software that has fully automated your SOP's. When the SOP part is loaded into your DMS Auto.Live will automatically contact your customer with a custom link schedule to schedule their SOP service.

Video Greeting

Find your customer in the appointment list and click start to begin taking a walk around video of the vehicle's condition before you begin your full inspection.

Digital MPI

Create and customize multiple media-rich inspection forms and set them up to add common services/repairs to the estimate when an item is marked as needing service.

Estimate Builder

When you get to the estimate it will have all repairs and services requests and recommended since appointment creation. Most items can be adjusted a click of a button will send your customer a link to view everything for approval.

Parts Management

As repair orders require parts you'll have one place to monitor, manage and mark as filled. Track of out of stock, back ordered, special order, or locally available parts. Send your customer a link to schedule an appointment when ordered parts arrive.

Manager Overview

Follow your repair orders every step of the way to improve communication and create transparency with your customer. As a manager or advisor, you are responsible for contacting your customer, and Auto.Live helps you put your best foot forward.


Print customer invoices, request payment, mark invoices paid, and close invoices. Receive and manage payments through Auto.Live, and transfer online funds into your local bank account.


Text, email, and internal notifications keep everybody aware of what's happening with the repair order.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging makes it easier for internal dialogue and for your customers to reach you, and you always have a record of the conversation.

Ops Code Management

Import and manage your current operation codes, adjust the default labor type, and hide codes you don't use.

Employee Role Management

Over a dozen roles allow you to set each employee's permission so each person has access to information that's relevant for them to complete their job.


Determine areas driving profits while catching areas that need improvement. Track metrics about different types of service, the impact of images and employee performance.

Customer Management

Customer management allows you to keep your customer information up to date, track deferred repairs and keep communication open.

Verified Reviews

Every review left for your dealership comes from someone who's had a service visit facilitated through Auto.Live.

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