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Guaranteed Increased Revenue & Profits*

Guaranteed Increased Revenue & Profits*

2017 Auto.Live Service Results for Brandon Dodge

  • $120,000 annual software savings
  • $406,000 total labor net profit increase
  • $4,000,000 warranty audit only found a .034% adjustment for a $1500 return to OEM, attributed to Auto.Live
  • 2018 FCA Customer First Award

Auto.Live Service Software

An easily-navigable, end-to-end workflow management platform for your franchise dealership service department before, during, and after service.

Service Scheduling

Customers can request new appointments from your dealership's website, from their own profile, or you can add appointments when customers call in, request in a direct message, or ask for an appointment in person. You can also manage the days and times each of your advisors accepts appointments to make sure your customers get the advisor they prefer.

Service Advisor & Manager Overview

The system follows the repair order every step of the way, so all information is verified before it gets to the customer. This creates tremendous transparency and customer retention by maintaining contact between the dealership and your customer. Auto.Live makes it easy for you to find relevant information quickly, from any device or location, at any moment.

Workflow Management

Find all of your appointments in a searchable list, start your customer's appointment with a click and get right into the walk-around. Every walk-around can be customized to accommodate the different types of vehicles you service. Mark the areas you inspected and automatically add suggested services to the estimate when you mark that an area needs attention. These include brakes, tires, alignment, fluids and more. Better yet, you can create, customize, and manage your own inspection forms. Services requested by the customer at scheduling, and services for areas marked as needing attention during inspection are automatically included on the estimate. You can add new repairs, adjust and check labor times, list each repair step, and mark parts required.

Invoicing & Payments

Print customer invoices, request and receive payment online, mark invoices paid, and close invoices.

Communication Tools

Automatic notifications alert each person when their attention is needed, and also notify your customer when they need to approve services. Customers can also receive text and email notifications if they would like. Allow customers to send messages to your advisors, and let your team communicate quickly internally. Direct messaging makes it easier for your customers to reach you, and it means you always have a copy of the conversation.

Parts Management

All services approved that require parts will show up in a single list organized by repair order. As you fill parts, just click a button to notify the technician. Keep track of required parts that are out of stock, on backorder, special ordered, or waiting on local pickup. Once the parts are received and ready, you can notify the customer with a link for them to schedule their appointment.

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*Guarantee applies to subscription premiums; for complete details speak to an Auto.Live representative.