Auto.Live History

Auto.Live Offers Money Back Guarantee to Dealerships

June 13, 2018

Auto.Live Automotive LLC is now offering its customers a money back guarantee for their software solution. "As far as we know, we are the first Auto Industry service software vendor that increases efficiency, revenue, and profits for the service and parts department with a money back guarantee," stated Peter Phelps, interim CEO. "Our current customers have averaged 35% revenue increases, 30% profit increases, 40% uptick in parts sales, and 17% more repair orders after implementing our software system. In fact, we are so confident in our software, we will refund any cost after 3 months if our product doesn't outperform your current system."

Auto.Live is an easily-navigable, end-to-end service department workflow management platform for franchise dealerships and their customers. It far exceeds anything on the market and at a fraction of the cost. This revolutionary software replaces the current multiple-vendor setup with 1 streamlined solution, and now with guaranteed results or your money back!

Auto.Live came out of pilot in January 2018, and is now being marketed across the US. Currently it is fully integrated with CDK DMS, and future expansion plans include Dealertrack and Reynolds & Reynolds. To find out when Auto.Live can increase your service and parts departments revenue and profit, request a demo.

Auto.Live Helps Brandon Dodge Win Its 1st FCA Customer First Award

April 1, 2018

Brandon Dodge noticed tremendous increases in customer satisfaction and retention since it started using the Auto.Live service software in 2017, but was completely surprised when they won a 2018 FCA Customer First award. This prestigious award is only given to 468 of the over 2600 FCA nationwide dealerships. The selected dealerships achieved the highest level of customer experience recognition in the program's five core areas: People, Facility, Processes, Customer Performance Metrics and Training, and Certification.

Brandon Moreland, owner of Brandon Dodge, credits Auto.Live as being the instrumental reason for winning this prestigious award. "Auto.Live has made the entire service department transparent to the customer, something no other system has been able to accomplish. The system automatically creates better communication, retention, and satisfaction with the customer, while at the same time improves the service and parts department workflow efficiency."

The Customer First Award for Excellence was created by FCA US with its dealer partners and J.D. Power to improve customer satisfaction with Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and FIAT dealerships in the United States with a specific focus on sales, employee training, facility condition and service experience.

"Providing an exceptional customer experience for our vehicle owners requires relentless dedication to excellence every business day," said Pietro Gorlier, FCA Head of Parts and Service (Mopar). "Our Customer First Award for Excellence dealers have earned this distinction and continue to serve as an outstanding example for other dealers to follow."

In addition to Customer satisfaction, Auto.Live has provided Brandon Dodge continuing record-setting months of revenue, parts sales, and profits from the service department. Moreland stated "I would never have guessed that a software would make the service and parts departments such profit centers." He added "Our auto group is considering acquiring more dealerships as this software has made my dealership service department more profits than ever."

Auto.Live came out of pilot in January 2018, and is now being marketed across the US. Currently it is fully integrated with CDK DMS, and future expansion plans include Dealertrack and Reynolds & Reynolds. To find out how Auto.Live can increase your service and parts departments revenue and profit, request a demo.

Auto.Live Announces 1st Year Results at Brandon Dodge

March 1, 2018

Auto.Live's pilot dealership, Brandon Dodge on Broadway, saw a 30% uptick in revenue in the service and parts departments from the sametime year ago. Also in 2017, Brandon Dodge had a $406,000 increase in total labor net profit without increasing personnel or expenses. In fact, by replacing 5 software vendors with only Auto.Live, there was an additional $120,000 in annual software savings. Brandon Moreland stated "Auto.Live service software has made my service and parts departments more profitable than ever before!"

Auto.Live Announces the Beginning of a Regional Marketing Campaign

January 15, 2018

Auto.Live has officially announced that the software is ready to be marketed to any Rocky mountain area OEM dealership. Auto.Live, was originally pilot tested at Brandon Dodge for the last year, has produced outstanding workflow efficiency results and tremendous increases in revenue and profits for the service and parts departments. Most importantly, these results have been confirmed in all of the newly implemented dealerships too. Currently it is fully integrated with CDK DMS, and future expansion plans include Dealertrack and Reynolds & Reynolds. Interim CEO Peter Phelps believes that Auto.Live will focus on the Rocky Mountain area initially, with national expansion to follow. "It is truly a testament to the hard work and diligence of Bryan Harmon and the entire coding team of DreamWare Inc. that Auto.Live service software not only delivers more than it promises, it completely blows any competition out of their league!" said Phelps.

Auto.Live Continues to Post Impressive Results

January 2, 2018

Arapahoe Kia email capture rate goes from dead last in the State of Co to #1 in 90 days of running Auto.Live. Carl Ventsam, owner of Arapahoe Kia, expressed amazement and gratefulness to Auto.Live for the results. "I knew the capability was endless and that the Auto.Live team really understood how the dealership operated, but I never would have believed it until I saw it for myself. Now, not only do I see it, but the revenue and profits are even more than I thought were possible from the service and parts departments. I wish I would have implemented it last year!"

Auto.Live Launches 3 More Dealerships in Colorado

August 1, 2017

DreamWare Inc. announced today that it has received the go ahead to launch 3 more dealerships in the Denver Colorado area. This comes after the tremendous results produced in the service and parts departments over the last 9 months from the pilot site Brandon Dodge. Arapahoe Kia, Colorado Springs Jeep and Dodge, and Fort Collins Jeep and Dodge will be implemented in the next few months. Don Januchowski, Director of Fixed Operations for Moreland Auto Group, commented "Auto.Live is the best workplace software I've seen in my 52 years of experience. It's a no-brainer to have 1 fully integrated system that has proven itself with increased revenue, increased profits, and highly efficient."

Auto.Live Opens Full Access to All Brandon Dodge Customers

May 7, 2017

Auto.Live is now available to all customers, including new and used sales, at Brandon Dodge on Broadway. All customers of the franchise dealership have to ability to log in to their Auto.Live account to view all past service records, schedule appointments and communicate with their advisor. Walkarounds and estimates performed by the dealership on Auto.Live will be stored in the customer's online account. Text-messaging sent out for approval and payments will send the customer to Auto.Live where they can view photos/videos for an estimate, approve labors and parts, and pay for repair orders online. Connecting their customer's to Auto.Live allows Brandon Dodge to stay connected while reducing their service marketing spending. Brandon Dodge has seen record monthly increases of revenue from their service and parts departments, which Brandon Moreland, owner of Brandon Dodge, attributes to Auto.Live service software.

Auto.Live Opens Online Payment Ability for Vehicle Service Repairs

April 12, 2017

Auto.Live opens up online payments for Brandon Dodge on Broadway's service department and parts customers. Connecting to Stripe, Auto.Live provides a secure channel for online customer payments. Customers receive a text message when it is time to pay for repairs. The text-message feature allows the customer into Auto.Live where they can pay, speak to an advisor, and also let the dealership know when they plan to pick up their vehicle. Online payments reduce congestion at the cashier's counter and help reduce the number of phone calls an advisor has to make in a day. Brandon Dodge has found this to be a significant improvement in workflow management and efficiency.

DreamWare Inc. Completes Auto.Live Pilot Integration into Brandon Dodge Service Department

January 30, 2017

Auto.Live completed the pilot integration at Brandon Dodge on Broadway. The Auto.Live service software is an integrated CRM for franchise dealership service departments with workflow management tools and multi-channel communications built on a mobile friendly design. Gone are the days of being forced to piece together multiple vendors to give your customer transparency and your employees the tools necessary to manage a repair order. Auto.Live has a greeting tool, walk around, repair order workflow, online payments and customer management wrapped together in a one product solution. Brandon Dodge has replaced Xtime, AutoPoint, MyCustomerData, Cobalt email, and MPI with keeping only 1 system, Auto.Live, saving $120,000 annually.

DreamWare Inc. Picks Pilot Site for Auto.Live Service Software

December 17, 2016

DreamWare Inc. has announced that Brandon Dodge in Littleton, CO will become the pilot shop for Auto.Live service software. DreamWare originally built CarLister in 2013, but pivoted to Auto.Live in mid 2015. What makes Auto.Live unique, is that a team member of DreamWare "lived" fulltime in a franchise dealership over 14 months, learning and understanding the roles of all service personnel. Instead of recreating or cookie cutter results that most of the current software vendors provide, Auto.Live enhances the workflow process resulting in a more efficient and profitable service and parts department. Advisors, dispatchers, technicians and the parts counter are trained to use Auto.Live to track and manage repair orders from the initial greeting to the customer pickup. Auto.Live's internal workflow is built to help alleviate the many friction points between the dealership and their customer. Automated text-messaging, multi-channel communication, photo/video of repairs and online approvals build on a mobile friendly platform help to reduce the need for advisor and customer communication and the inherent latency between the estimate and the customer approval. Auto.Live's integrated multi-channel tools open up communication between employees, dramatically reducing the need for all personnel to walk between departments. Event driven notifications also keep employees up to date with statuses of each repair and customer alerts for each department, all helping to improve efficiency and profits.